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I am really happy that you are considering to take the opportunity of advertising on my blog. Since PFL is a design blog from personal point of view, yet it is not all-about-me-me-me, I think it is definitely a great place for you to place your ad. You are welcome to show your logo weather you have a private business, online store, have unique designs, blog with any creative, inspirational or design theme that suit with PFL profile - such as: decor, fashion, food, photography, colors, quotes, music, etc.

All ad spots are located along the right side. Sponsors are rotated mid-month so that everyone gets maximum visibility. The posts are usually longs, so it is guaranteed that all sponsors will shown at all times.
You can choose from the following ad sizes, depending on you budget and your marketing strategy:


L: 240 x 240 px - $15.00
M1: 240 x 110 px - $10.00
M2: 115 x 240 px - $10.00
S: 115 x 110 px - $7.00



Do not hesitate to send your request even if you don't have ready-made blog spot designed. I am more than happy to create it for you.

*Please note that good discounts are offered in case of purchasing multiple months!

If you would like to place you ad with PinkFlowerLove, please send me an e-mail about it.