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Dress Me Up

We can enjoy the warmth of the spring finally, but I just realised that summer is on the way, I keep receiving invitations, so I seriously need to look around and find the perfect dress(es), since we are getting closer to the season of weddings. During my hunt for at least two dresses, I found the amazing PartyDQ webshop with the widest selection of all. I got so inspired that I have to share with you the amazing styles and of course my favourites. :)

At first I was amazed by the beautiful, bold colors, ombre effects and even patterns many dresses have. For an event as a guest for sure we could turn some heads in these strong tones and prints. I can imagine for a 'punk', crazy, theme wedding for the bride as well one of these floral printed gowns.

After soaking in all the positive vibe of these fantastic colors, I kind of turned to greys and pastels. I loved the pastel emerald dresses in particular. The fabrics, the layers and the draping are spectacular. But we shouldn't think that choosing a grey dress would be the simplest and most worry-free solution for our 'dress dilemma'. Even the grey has millions of shades to begin with, not to speak about the style of the dress, nevertheless the form of the event we are invited to. *There are certain rules we must follow in the general etiquette and dress codes of some events.

For a bride of course it is essential, but can be a stylish touch to have flowers in our hand or hair :) that are matching in colors and shape with our dress. That guarantees a perfect harmony in our look.

Just couldn't get enough of this greyish, blueish, menthol, pastel emerald tone. I'm still searching for the right name for this unique color. Works amazingly well with fair skin and with copper red hair... and coral lipstick.... and a bronze strappy sandal.

But soon, my inner spirit took over and I was mesmerised with vintage styled dresses, multi layers and of course laces. It is truly...

I had a very difficult time keeping to my original task - to choose two dresses that I could wear for two weddings where I was invited - and not to buy the dress I want to be the bride. :) ...well time will tell... 'never say never'! ...it's always better: 'I do." :)

P.S. These dresses are sooooo amazing, that I highly recommend that even if there's no invitations found you yet, You deserve to spoil yourself with one of them. They are a definite boost for you heart and femininity.


Images via: PartyDQ; MyLuciousLife; Clang; Baenk

December's Faves

Even if it's cold outside, I still can dream of a cute, light dress or a bohemian headpiece from Free People, or another pair of sunglasses. These are just amongst my all-time desires. 

For sure since it's winter, I do have some warm and comfy favorites as well. Like a cute 'jumper' for my mug or the luxurious jogging from Patrizia Pepe or the super-feminine pink woolen coat from Meteshow.

This year's seasonal, Christmas-y faves are definitely the diy pom-pom wreath and the gingerbread angel-wings. 

My ultimate, 'oldest' piece from my wish-list is a true classic: the Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Vitra, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 50's. Never goes out of style and loses from it's value.

But if you are a believer of 'money cannot buy happiness', I have to agree with you. The best things in life are usually priceless. And without question at the end...

...and maybe this tiger cardigan from FP ;) to feel the real love.


P.S.: So, do dream, wish, desire, because the strongest power lies within our thoughts. And ultimately we can move mountains. XX


Images via: Clothing.net; FreePeople; PatriziaPepe; Pinterest; Google; MichaelKors


Hippie mood

This week is all about festival, hippies, music, flowers... and everything around those... I wish I could travel back in time and live in the late 60's. I would be in Woodstock or in San Francisco and just be free.

It's now just the clothes and the hair that I envy... although I would die for these kind of dresses and shoes, but their freedom of love, life, spirit that I would love to feel sometimes (most of the times). I wish I could be that free and careless, and just enjoy even the smallest things in life.

P.S.: I'm off to Sziget Festival just now. Try to get that free and happy spirit... XX

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Endless Summer

With some changes in my life, a visit of my friend, the finishing of a cool interior project, a weekend getaway and some seriously hot weather,  I am now more than ready to enjoy summer and all what it has to offer.

I realized that today is 4th of July, so it is absolutely the perfect timing for this post. Already yesterday, I felt the urge to watch this cute movie about love, friendship, summer, 4th of July and New York City. With that and some beautiful images and quotes I wish you Happy 4th of July and a great summer yet to come! 

Feel the sand in your shoes...

Wear some flower (in your hair)...

Do what you want...

...and do 'wake up (early and start to) live'!

P.S.: That is all you have to do. XX


Images via: Indulgy; My Sweet and Saucy; Something Trendy; Sunday in Bed; The Oh Snap Project; Summer Kind of Wonderful; Three Spoons; Vi.Sualize.Us; We Heart It; Pinterest;  


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Pink of today

P.S.: Let's wear some pink today!


Images via: Pinterest; Etsy; Flickr; Alisa Blurke; Coastin; Liberty;  
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You were there

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This weekend is for me, myself and my inner strength. XX


Image via: Beauty in Everything

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Marry Me

I think I am not the only woman who loves weddings and everything around it, like proposals, rings, love poems, the dress, the flowers, but mainly the idea that IT ALL CAN happen once with us. :) So, I gathered some cool and creative ideas for popping the big question: 'Would you marry me?' ...for you... to give you a bit of a heartache and a lot to dream about! 

Personaly for me the perfect proposal over the fact that it is unique and unrepeatable, cannot be complete without the perfect ring. And those who says it is not about the ring, well... they are wrong. It is always about the ring! It has to reflect the soon-to-be bride's personality, style and even the relationship itself. And it is a great (and seriously difficult) way of testing the groom, how much he knows about his dream girl.

I suggest you to check out the site of 77Diamonds.com for future ideas and send some hints to your guy, just to be sure. ;)

P.S.: Just close your eyes, dream on and image that you are the next who will get the big question: would you marry me? XX


Images via: 77 Diamonds; Piercing and Ink; Etsy; Huaban; Pinterest; Gros Grain Fabolous; Little Pink Moon; Between Each Smile;  

21 March 2012.  :)

Although I thought it is today, I checked earlier and it was two days ago, when I started exactly 1 year ago writing Pink Flower Love. But who cares about 1-2 days? :)

I am celebrating my blog today. I still love it, every bit of it, love writing it, love reading it (sorry, but I do). And I love the fact that it is so much like me. The only place where I can truly be myself and honest.

So, I guess what I want to say is that I am so grateful to You, my beautiful blog (and of course to You my dear readers) and I wish a happy birthday and lots of years to come shining! XX

And to recall that first post... I cannot say it better than to remind you to: 

/Imagine a new story for your life and start living it. by P.Coelho/


P.S.: I love You All


Images via: Design Sponge; Pinterest

Bridal tattoos

It may sound and seem surreal, but somehow I love it. It is so unusually beautiful to see a bride with a lot of tattoos. The masculine tattoos somehow emphasize the femininity of a bride. Tattooed brides are definitely unique and cool. I would love to be one of them! :)

The perfect tattoo to show your 'love' on your wedding day:

P.S.: If you have a tattoo that you love, never hide it on your big day, but rather show it to the world. XX


Images via: 100 Layer Cake; Green Wedding Shoes; We Heart It; Love At First Blush; My Wedding Dream


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