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If you somehow don't know Katie Melua, I seriously recommend to get tunned and look for more music by her. I love most of her albums, but can't stop listening the 'Pictures'. Her style and voice is just shines through all the songs which is amazing! 

My favorite track from the album is the song 'It's all in my head',

but you can listen all the songs here.

and btw she is beautiful...

P.S.: Now, I'm just hoping she will come around, so I can listen her live. XX


Images via: KatieMelua.com; Gibson; Google;
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I heard yesterday the first time this version of this beautiful song: 


The Vitamin String Quartet version of 'We Belong'. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did (still do).

P.S.: and if this wasn't enough, watch this. 'XOXO, GG'


Images via: Pinterest; Original images: Gossip Girl


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Something new from Norah Jones, yet a bit oldie, 'cause it sounds so 69's Woodstock. Probably that's the reason why I love it! The Little Broken Heart album definitely has a unusual tone from Norah. 




Have a great weekend! XX

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My current addiction - Lana Del Rey. She is so young, fresh and yet old school indie. Looooooove it!


Here is the tittle song of her album - Born To Die


I'm so addicted to her that I yesterday I walked with my ear plugged in. And I never do that, 'cause I really enjoy listening the voices of the city.


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My latest obsession is the debut album of the beautiful Sucré - A Minor Bird. It is so Indie, so girlie and soooo crystal clear voice. Amazing! :) Probably the final outcome has to do something with the fact that Mr. Jeremy Larson (the hubby of Elsie Larson) was one of the main collaborators of this album. He is great! (but it is a way other story) :)


I hope you like this great new album! Here is the song 'When we were young' of it:



P.S.: Definitely a must-to-have album! XX


Images via: Sucré Diary
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Yesterday I was lucky to see Rita Redshoes live performance. She has such a unique style - curky, but feminine, rocker and chic. It was so 1940's :) her clothes, her hair, her voice.  Amazing! :) I hope you like her too!


Rita Redshoes - The Beginning Song



Image via: Rita Redshoes Official Site


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A Fine Frenzy

Another great - beautiful musician for this week (and for after) :)


A Fine Frenzy - Wish You Well


A prompt performance by the talented Stacy DuPree and the 'oh-so-handsome' (and no less talented :) ) Mr. Jeremy Larson.




P.S.: Check out the music of the band Eisley (where Stacy is the singer) as well. And definitely get the albums of Jeremy! You'll not regret it, I promise! X

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'Your immortal smile is burned in me
When I close my eyes its all see
Among the canyons and the stars
You're the guide inside my heart
I'm just waiting for my chance to come...'


Noah And The Whale... our new love... :) If you start listening it is really hard to stop. My favorite song is: Waiting for my chance to come from the album called Last Night On Earth.

Enjoy! X 


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I (do) Blame Coco for making me listen her fantastic album 20 times yesterday evening! It is just simply great!!! 

Well... she kinda have to be, since she is the daughter of Sting and Trudie Styler. :) Anyway, she got talent, voice and a very unique and extraordinary style. It is definitely one-of-a-kind! I love her, hope'll too!

So just listen to this one:



P.S.: It was hard to choose only one song... all of them are great! 


Image via: Ant Clausen