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Shinning Copper

They say... (I said) 'Pink is the new black' or 'Coral is the new pink' or 'Reds are the new Brunettes' :)... Well I can definitely say that 'Copper is the new Gold' or the new Silver for that matter. This amazing metal finish appeared, arrived and most certainly won all prizes in the competition of shiny materials. To be exact I am talking not just about copper, but also bronze or rose gold. They are more or less the same or similar and yet a bit different.

First we could see copper only in household appliances, like mugs or cutlery, then in homes: some lamps or pipings shown around the house, but now beside having our morning coffee from the coolest copper cup, we paint our nails with this amazing color. We can dress up in bronze, we can ride copper bicycle to work and our mother can bake that delicious Sunday cake with her beautiful copper KitchenAid stand mixer. 

Copper is much easier than gold or silver. It matches with everything perfectly. If you don't like shinny jewellery (like myself), trust me, you will love copper. It has a feminine glow on everything. Works well with any skintone, any haircolor and it gives an extra touch to your home if you introduce this finish. I seriously recommend to try having something... anything copper in your wardrobe or in your home.

P.S.: So far, I have a copper watch from Michael Kors, a copper/bronz nail polish and now, dying to have a Nanushka jacket from their latest collection! Give it a try! Give a bit of rest to your gold and silver accessories! Won't regret it, I promiss! XX


Images via: Nanushka; Remodelista; KitchenAid; Pinterest; Anthropologie; Manufactum; Monoqi; Nordic Design; Poppy Talk; Copper Never Be Gold; Glitter and Nails; H&M; Mac Cosmetics; Moody's Home; Dream House Cammy; Fjellby; Items by Designbird; Love Nordic Design; Shopbop

'Välkommen till Stockholm' ...at the Meet the Blogger weekend. I was lucky enought to be part of this amazing event last Saturday and Sunday. Since I've stayed for a couple of extra days to see a bit more of Stockholm and visit the Stockholm Design Week too, I am writing a short recap just now.

'Meet the Blogger is a truly unique, international blogger 2-day conference in Stockholm dedicated to home-, design- and lifestyle bloggers.

Meeting, networking, inspiring, and learning are the key ingredients.' And No, de definitely didn't forget to HAVE FUN there! :)

There were a lot of talented, creative, beautiful, stylish and most importantly blogging people from all over Europe. I've finally met with many of my loved and higly admired blogger icons during the weekend. Lotta Agaton, Emma Fexeus, Jeanette Lunde... just to name a few.

We had cool presentations about blogging, branding, success stories, magazine managing; workshops about photography, the possibilities of visual platforms or the importance of  'BlogStats' and building a strong 'blog brand'. Listening them, I've made tons of notes, I can tell you that. :) It was so inspiring and uplifting experience.

On the 2nd day of our Meet the Blogger event, we visited some of the many great design shops in Stockholm. I had my very first organized 'design walk' in a city. :) All are amazing with great vision and business concepts and nevertheless beautiful design pieces. Highly recommended to visit! Again, again and again... 

1. Bemz

2. Lotta Agaton Shop

3. Svenskt Tenn

4. Design Torget

P.S.: One of the best weekend *and couple of extra days, I've ever had. Do wish to come back for good as soon as possible! XX

Images via: Me :) and Bright Bazaar; Sister's Mag; Heart Home Mag; By Fryd


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December's Faves

Even if it's cold outside, I still can dream of a cute, light dress or a bohemian headpiece from Free People, or another pair of sunglasses. These are just amongst my all-time desires. 

For sure since it's winter, I do have some warm and comfy favorites as well. Like a cute 'jumper' for my mug or the luxurious jogging from Patrizia Pepe or the super-feminine pink woolen coat from Meteshow.

This year's seasonal, Christmas-y faves are definitely the diy pom-pom wreath and the gingerbread angel-wings. 

My ultimate, 'oldest' piece from my wish-list is a true classic: the Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Vitra, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 50's. Never goes out of style and loses from it's value.

But if you are a believer of 'money cannot buy happiness', I have to agree with you. The best things in life are usually priceless. And without question at the end...

...and maybe this tiger cardigan from FP ;) to feel the real love.


P.S.: So, do dream, wish, desire, because the strongest power lies within our thoughts. And ultimately we can move mountains. XX


Images via: Clothing.net; FreePeople; PatriziaPepe; Pinterest; Google; MichaelKors


Where's Home

After yesterday's inspiring lecture by the amazing (and supercute) Fabio Novembre, I think I found an answer I was looking for since many years.

He told us: 'Your home is where you choose it to be'. 'There you could reinvent yourself. You should live yourself whereever you live.' 

...Well, I should've known... since I do believe that "Home is where your heart is". The only thing that you really have to listen carefully to your heart and there you'll find the answer where is your home.


Images via: Adore the World; Free Cabin Porn; I Just Might; Lyla and Blu; Sora Keem; Start Handing Out Stars

Nude Awakenings

Seasons change, summer is coming to its end, we change our bright clothes to darkers, flowers to candles, light linen sheets to knitted blankets. We had a great load of neon fever along the summer or even in spring, now it is time for nudes and naturals. 

A couple of years ago, I would never thought that I will ever be so obsessed with beige and other nude tones as I am right now. I was positive that beige is no color, in fact whoever wears beige is most certainly boring and has no imagination at all. Well, that was then. :) I really start to belive that we do change with time. They say that our cells exchange completely in every seventh year. So, basicaly we reborn as a new person several times in our life. Probably that is the reason of my change of perspective on nude colors. 

I just hope you are in your 'currently loving nudes phase of life' right now. :)

P.S.: Bubble Bath nail polish from Opi is the perfect nude to die for. And to try of course! ...I'm doing it tonight XX


Images via: Mac Cosmetics; Etsy; Diet Coke and Smoke; Post and Grant; Urban Outfitters; Wegner Wishbone; Zsazsa Bellagio; Ferm Living; Margo Meyer; Hermann Fosterling; Noir et Blanc un Style; Kristie Van Noort; La Maison d'Anna G; En Mammas Dag; Red Online; Baubau House

Hippie nesting

As the final post on being hippie, let's talk about interior design. It is a bit trickier than playing with hippie hair and accessories. For this, you have to have a certain eye. It doesn't make a home a bohemian hippie nest if only you mix all possible colors, styles and looks together. To achieve a cool hippie look, you have to stay in the bohemian, colorful, natural, a bit ethnic side of decoration. 


But what exactly does take to have the perfect bohemian nest? There are some essentials of course.

To name the most importants, here is a list:

1. Use bold colors and patterned fabrics, mainly floral and indie ones. 

2. Keep evetything natural. Do not have shiny or metallic things in the interior. Don't tent to achieve perfectly polished furnitures and flawless surfaces. Your wall for example would look the best if it is a bit destroyed and vintage looking.

3. Create personal collages and collect items, furnitures from everywhere you go. By that evey piece will have a story to tell and your home will be full with happy memories and joyfull energies.

4. Let your inner child live its free life. Do have swings or floating beds, anything that gives you careless freedom.

5. Have a lot of fabrics, curtains, fringes, like the indian had when they were living in their tents. It is so romantic and have a certain nomadic touch that brings us to a free state of mind.

6. Bring nature inside. Have birdcages, bird houses or even real birds in the house, wooden decorations, fresh flowers, potted greens and a lot of sunshine. Like this, happiness is guaranteed. 

P.S.: To start your hippie interior design mission, you can create a bohemian/vintage/shabby chic photo collage to the wall from old (and new, but definitely lomographic) pictures. It makes any home 'homy' and warm.


Images via: The Yellow Door Paperie; Too Cute Things; Free People; Rachel Ashwell; BHG; Bohemian Shoebox; Marie Claire Idees; Simply Precious; The Decorista; Bohemian Wornest; Boho Circus; Confetti Garden; Gretchen Jones NYC; Gypsy Purple; Pinterest; Vintage Bliss
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For color lovers

I found this great site - they write inspirational articles on colors, color trends, painting ideas... basicaly everything related to colors - and the use of them. Browsing the images on their site, I realized (again) that I am obsessed with pastels... especially if there is a touch of neon. These I my favorite color-pictures from Kleur Inspiratie.

P.S.: Have a touch of neon in your life! XX


Images via: Kleur Inspiratie
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Hues of blues

Probably you realized that I am a bit of a 'color freak' :) I have obsessions with colors all the time. In the last 6 months I was crazy for nudes, yellow, turquise, baby pink, coral ...and I think I just arrived to blues. *neons are blinking me from the corner already though :) 

These blues are just so timeless. No matter which year it is or which season, these blues are always beautiful and in style. The vintage blue is living its renaissance right now with all the vintage fever going on everywhere. But at the same time (maybe because of the Diamond Jubilee) the majestic royal blue is up and shining.

And of course we can't get enough of sky blue! Especially during the summer!

P.S.: Would love to go to a road trip with this blue cabriolet. Soooo stylish! XX


Images via:  A Perfect Gray; DIY Chic Home; Pretty Stuff; Tiny White Daisies; Zen Frog Yeah; Grafic Mag; Ideas Home Concept; Ingrid Henningsson; Traditional Home; 4 Inspired Design; All About You; Etsy; Rosa Rot; Simple Everyday Glamour
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House shaped housing

If you are asked to draw a house, most probably will end up with something like this. It is the classic house/home/cottage that first comes to our mind when we think of a house. And it is usually outside. But what happens when you bring inside this classic shape and use it for different things - like a shelf or a chop board. 

It can create great focal point in any space if it is shaped like a house. If you place simply a house inside a house gives a surreal feeling. And somehow you just want to get into the house in the house, don't you? :) My personal favorite is the strap that holds the books shaped as the silhouette of a house! Such a great idea!

And if all of these seems too much for you, try this: organize some favorite pictures, notes and other cute things into a house shaped wall-art in front of your office desk. It is girlie and messy, and definitely yours.

P.S.: Don't forget, home is where your heart is! XX


Images via: Blissful Blog; Decor 8; Scandinavian Deko; Ferm Living; Better Living Through Design; Creature Comfort; Hus And Hem; Marcel Wanders; Remodelista; Wanelo; Weekday Carnival; Ideas Criativas; Loft Enberg; And this Pinterest board
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Jersey love

If I think of cotton jersey, it is not only t-shirt, t-shirt, t-shirt, but rather anything but t-shirt. :) I love this amazing fabric, that is so versatile, comfortable and full of potential. 

It is very easy to cut a regular t-shirt in so many ways. My favorite is to cut into basic strands and then start the wonder. You can create braids, fringes, accessories, headbands or even can start a bigger project like to crochet a carpet.

For really serious jersey work :) you can buy ready-made jersey strands in a wide range of colors and patterns here.

P.S.: Take a look in you closet, I'm sure you have an old t-shirt that is just waiting to be cut into strands and re-born in a beautiful, new way. XX


Images via: The Sartorialist; Martha Stewart; Delia Creates; Pinterest; Etsy; Soul Mama; Two Ton Manta Ray; Rabbit Food For My Bunny Teeth; 79 Ideas; Melissa eSplin; Tanya Aguiniga