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Meet Fiona Douglas

A Scottish designer who creates beautiful handmade printed fabrics for home decoration under her own brand - BluebellGray

Influenced by a love of colour and all things floral, the designs are something unique and special, each design is painted by hand. 

I love her designs, they are full with energy, life and yet they are sooooo girlie! :)  You have to be brave to use these kind of prints in an interior. 

As Fiona says ‘it’s ok when things don’t match, if you love it- go with it!’ The designs are aimed at people looking for something unique and individual for their home, an antidote to mass production. Definitely not for everybody. But for sure, who ever has them, can't live without them anymore!

I hope the fabrics will be available soon in our studio. :)


Images via: BlueBellGray; Elle Decoration

...when we are outside all night long. We organize open-air dinners, barbecues, birhday parties, weddings, basically we (try to) do everything outside. We love to feel the sun, the wind, see the sunset or the sunrise, dine under the stars... Why? There is no explanation, it is just how it is. And it is perfect like this.

And of course designing the table settings of these open-air events is so much fun! The only rule is that there are NO rules when it comes to styling. The more creative you are the better! 

This is how we (would) do it: Hope you like them! XX

Have a beautiful 'open-air' weekend! :)


Images via: 100 Layers Cake; Design by Delight; Kelly Oshiro; The Style Files; Stylish Correspondence; Pinterest

Hanging there

We are so creative. In so many ways. Same idea - so many different solutions. I love the teapots!!!!! And you? Which is your favorite?

Images via: Aha Home and Garden; Apartment Therapy; Pen n' PaperFlowers; Style Me Pretty; Tumblr; Flickr;

Design Weirdos

There are some strange creatures everywhere in the world. I collected  a couple of them of 'my' design world. 

'Strangely' enough I LOVE them! Don't find them at all weird. :) Probably because I am one of those weirdos?! Sometimes it is hard even for me to understand myself.

Hope you like them too! ...Anyway, what is there not to like? :) XX


Images via: Country Home; My Handmade Journal; Small Space Style; We heart it; Etsy; Pinterest

Guest Post - Ode

This is a guest post by Sarah from Dallas, US who writes the very much inspiring, bohemian personal blog - La Maison Boheme. She was so kind to write this post that I just looooooooveeee! :)

Thanks again Sarah for the beautiful quotes and images!

"Hello, I'm Sarah from La Maison Boheme and I am so pleased that Boglarka asked me to guest post today.  Boglarka - you have a beautiful blog and I have loved your first few months of posting.  I look forward to much much more.  Today, I thought I'd create an Ode to Pink Flower Love with a collage of images and quotes that seem to speak to your unique aesthetic.  Enjoy!"
"I'd rather have roses on my table than diamonds on my neck." 
- Emma Goldman

"Men always want to be a woman’s first love. 
Women have a more subtle instinct: 
What they like is to be a man’s last romance."
Oscar Wilde

"Femininity appears to be one of those pivotal qualities 
that is so important no one can define it." 
- Caroline Bird 

"To be overcome by the fragrance of flowers is a delectable form of defeat." 
- Beverly Nichols

Images via: Bohemian Sense; Not My Beautiful Home; Olga Bennett Photograpy; That Kind of Girl; Wild Little Apple Girl

Hippie Chic

Since the 1970's we had a few 'hippie - fever', so we might think that - it's done. But the thing is that a true hippie soul will never die, no matter what are the trends, what happening in the world, who was once a hippie, will always be a hippie in some level.

I know. I am one of them. :) ...and again the hippie soul inside of me is singing to me...

Images via: Topshop; Kling; Etsy; Lune Vintage; Free People; Jimmy Schönning, Flickr; Riazzoli

Listen how does it sing to me:

Scott McKenzie - San Francisco

Accessori Fiorini

I realized that I own 'a couple of' gigantic rings. I also realize that I don't have too much necklaces that I could wear (of course it's not true, but I had to say sthing)... So, I did a necklace from (some of) my beautiful rings! :)

Of course I couldn't leave out my flower pins either! They make the whole picture complete anyway. :) Hope you like them too! X


Tags: fashion; flower

Her day

Happy birthday to my beautiful Sister!

'If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for.


So, just enjoy the moment, this is your day... so be happy and smile!



Tags: flower; love

I wish you all Happy Easter with these not-so-Eastery, but definitely beautiful pictures! :)

Color of the year 2011 - Honeysuckle: 18-2120 TPX

There's no more questions why I love more my pinks this year than usual. :)

Other beautiful colors to wear, use, see, paint or just simply love:

And some interior inspirations to get into the Honeysuckle mood...