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Dress Me Up

We can enjoy the warmth of the spring finally, but I just realised that summer is on the way, I keep receiving invitations, so I seriously need to look around and find the perfect dress(es), since we are getting closer to the season of weddings. During my hunt for at least two dresses, I found the amazing PartyDQ webshop with the widest selection of all. I got so inspired that I have to share with you the amazing styles and of course my favourites. :)

At first I was amazed by the beautiful, bold colors, ombre effects and even patterns many dresses have. For an event as a guest for sure we could turn some heads in these strong tones and prints. I can imagine for a 'punk', crazy, theme wedding for the bride as well one of these floral printed gowns.

After soaking in all the positive vibe of these fantastic colors, I kind of turned to greys and pastels. I loved the pastel emerald dresses in particular. The fabrics, the layers and the draping are spectacular. But we shouldn't think that choosing a grey dress would be the simplest and most worry-free solution for our 'dress dilemma'. Even the grey has millions of shades to begin with, not to speak about the style of the dress, nevertheless the form of the event we are invited to. *There are certain rules we must follow in the general etiquette and dress codes of some events.

For a bride of course it is essential, but can be a stylish touch to have flowers in our hand or hair :) that are matching in colors and shape with our dress. That guarantees a perfect harmony in our look.

Just couldn't get enough of this greyish, blueish, menthol, pastel emerald tone. I'm still searching for the right name for this unique color. Works amazingly well with fair skin and with copper red hair... and coral lipstick.... and a bronze strappy sandal.

But soon, my inner spirit took over and I was mesmerised with vintage styled dresses, multi layers and of course laces. It is truly...

I had a very difficult time keeping to my original task - to choose two dresses that I could wear for two weddings where I was invited - and not to buy the dress I want to be the bride. :) ...well time will tell... 'never say never'! ...it's always better: 'I do." :)

P.S. These dresses are sooooo amazing, that I highly recommend that even if there's no invitations found you yet, You deserve to spoil yourself with one of them. They are a definite boost for you heart and femininity.


Images via: PartyDQ; MyLuciousLife; Clang; Baenk

Shinning Copper

They say... (I said) 'Pink is the new black' or 'Coral is the new pink' or 'Reds are the new Brunettes' :)... Well I can definitely say that 'Copper is the new Gold' or the new Silver for that matter. This amazing metal finish appeared, arrived and most certainly won all prizes in the competition of shiny materials. To be exact I am talking not just about copper, but also bronze or rose gold. They are more or less the same or similar and yet a bit different.

First we could see copper only in household appliances, like mugs or cutlery, then in homes: some lamps or pipings shown around the house, but now beside having our morning coffee from the coolest copper cup, we paint our nails with this amazing color. We can dress up in bronze, we can ride copper bicycle to work and our mother can bake that delicious Sunday cake with her beautiful copper KitchenAid stand mixer. 

Copper is much easier than gold or silver. It matches with everything perfectly. If you don't like shinny jewellery (like myself), trust me, you will love copper. It has a feminine glow on everything. Works well with any skintone, any haircolor and it gives an extra touch to your home if you introduce this finish. I seriously recommend to try having something... anything copper in your wardrobe or in your home.

P.S.: So far, I have a copper watch from Michael Kors, a copper/bronz nail polish and now, dying to have a Nanushka jacket from their latest collection! Give it a try! Give a bit of rest to your gold and silver accessories! Won't regret it, I promiss! XX


Images via: Nanushka; Remodelista; KitchenAid; Pinterest; Anthropologie; Manufactum; Monoqi; Nordic Design; Poppy Talk; Copper Never Be Gold; Glitter and Nails; H&M; Mac Cosmetics; Moody's Home; Dream House Cammy; Fjellby; Items by Designbird; Love Nordic Design; Shopbop

Winter Fashion Joy

I pinned all of my favorite fashion looks and items of this cold winter season. It turned out that I'm in love with furs. Real or fake, short or long, you name it. I find them super-feminine, hippie, fun and timeless. Any fur coat can be worn from any era it is always in style. Just be sure to match it well with other pieces of your outfit. Well, these here are all that I am obsessed with in this winter. Hope you like them! *there are some non-fur garments as well. ;)

P.S.: If I am a mum one day, I'll definitely want to be one like this. XX


Images via: FreePeople; Pinterest; Static Lookbooks; They Roared Vintage; Nast Magazine; Polished 2 Perfection; The Glitter Guide; Jelanie; The Sartorialist


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December's Faves

Even if it's cold outside, I still can dream of a cute, light dress or a bohemian headpiece from Free People, or another pair of sunglasses. These are just amongst my all-time desires. 

For sure since it's winter, I do have some warm and comfy favorites as well. Like a cute 'jumper' for my mug or the luxurious jogging from Patrizia Pepe or the super-feminine pink woolen coat from Meteshow.

This year's seasonal, Christmas-y faves are definitely the diy pom-pom wreath and the gingerbread angel-wings. 

My ultimate, 'oldest' piece from my wish-list is a true classic: the Lounge Chair and Ottoman from Vitra, designed by Charles and Ray Eames in the 50's. Never goes out of style and loses from it's value.

But if you are a believer of 'money cannot buy happiness', I have to agree with you. The best things in life are usually priceless. And without question at the end...

...and maybe this tiger cardigan from FP ;) to feel the real love.


P.S.: So, do dream, wish, desire, because the strongest power lies within our thoughts. And ultimately we can move mountains. XX


Images via: Clothing.net; FreePeople; PatriziaPepe; Pinterest; Google; MichaelKors


Nude Awakenings

Seasons change, summer is coming to its end, we change our bright clothes to darkers, flowers to candles, light linen sheets to knitted blankets. We had a great load of neon fever along the summer or even in spring, now it is time for nudes and naturals. 

A couple of years ago, I would never thought that I will ever be so obsessed with beige and other nude tones as I am right now. I was positive that beige is no color, in fact whoever wears beige is most certainly boring and has no imagination at all. Well, that was then. :) I really start to belive that we do change with time. They say that our cells exchange completely in every seventh year. So, basicaly we reborn as a new person several times in our life. Probably that is the reason of my change of perspective on nude colors. 

I just hope you are in your 'currently loving nudes phase of life' right now. :)

P.S.: Bubble Bath nail polish from Opi is the perfect nude to die for. And to try of course! ...I'm doing it tonight XX


Images via: Mac Cosmetics; Etsy; Diet Coke and Smoke; Post and Grant; Urban Outfitters; Wegner Wishbone; Zsazsa Bellagio; Ferm Living; Margo Meyer; Hermann Fosterling; Noir et Blanc un Style; Kristie Van Noort; La Maison d'Anna G; En Mammas Dag; Red Online; Baubau House

Hippie accessories

Similarly to hippie hairstyles, wearing bohemian accessories to complement your outfit is also an easy thing to do. Collect everything you like: bracelets, leather straps, pearls, beans, feathers, stripes, anything really... 

Start to combine them, make braids, fringes and crocheted patterns. Since being a hippie means you are absolutely free and only care about the most important things like love and peace and finding happiness, Hippie accessorizing is all about creativity and freedom. Don't be affraid to combine materials, patterns, colors as you like. You cannot do it wrong! :) It is so much fun, isn't it? 

P.S.: If your guy is up for it, try to add some flowers to his outfit! It's fun the see how man is your man with a feminine touch. :)


Images via: Etsy; Bloom Magazine; Bohemian Punk; Buffalo Girl Byron Bay; That Bohemian Girl; A Beachy Life; Free People; F* Yeah Hippie; ViSualizeUs; We Heart It; Pinterest; P.S. I Made This; Spells Design;


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Hippie hairdos

As I promissed - here are some inspirational photos to have a hair like a real hippie did in the 70's. Choose your favorite and don't be affraid to try any of them. They are really easy to create! And the good part is that you cannot wrong them. The messier the better! :) Just have fun, put your love into it and wear it with happiness!

P.S.: Tomorrow more feathers for you :)


Images via: Bohemian Hair; Veronika's Kandy Koated Dreams; Bridal Snob; Enchanted Fairytale Dreams; Fashionising; Tan Gypsy; Pinterest; Google
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Hippie clothes

Still in a hippie mood and obsessed everything around hippies, love and festival fever. Although I was planning to write some hippie themed posts last week, I decided to better later than never, so I'm gonna rush through them this weekend. So, here is volume #2 - hippie fashion. Hope you like it!

P.S.: Stay tunned for the rest of the hippies :) XX


Images via: Bohemian Tides; The Bean and the Bear; The Bohemian Girl; Olivia Vansky; An Apple A Day, Free People; Inspire Bohemia; Bohamian Romance; Pink Gypsy; Marie Claire; Pinterest; WeHeartIt
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Hippie mood

This week is all about festival, hippies, music, flowers... and everything around those... I wish I could travel back in time and live in the late 60's. I would be in Woodstock or in San Francisco and just be free.

It's now just the clothes and the hair that I envy... although I would die for these kind of dresses and shoes, but their freedom of love, life, spirit that I would love to feel sometimes (most of the times). I wish I could be that free and careless, and just enjoy even the smallest things in life.

P.S.: I'm off to Sziget Festival just now. Try to get that free and happy spirit... XX

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Current faves

A brief visualisation of my current obsessions and desired things. These things are just amazing. And yes, almost most of them is from Free People. I just love this! Everything about it! Hope you like it too! XX

P.S.: I definitely learning how to crotch a footsie for myself.


Images via: Free People; Swedish Hasbeens; Zara
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