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Gingerbreads for Xmas

Another great thing about Christmas is that we can eat sooooo goooood things. :) Well, I know, It is better not to, but still. Who can resist to the delicious gingerbread cookies? Especially if they look like these...

Cute personal gingerbread houses to go with each and every cup of coffee :) 

And our most favorites... these lovely birdhouses with flowers, polka-dots, ribbons, lace decorations. Amazing! :)


P.S.: DO try these at home! The rule is that there are no rules to make gingerbread cookies. Use your imagination and put your heart into it! You can never go wrong with those... XX


Images via: Annies Eats; Anthology Mag; BHG; Country Living; Eva Lindh; Flickr; Pinterest; Kjerstis Lykke; Martha Stewart; Miko Design; Min Lilla Veranda; Not Martha; One Charming Party; Rita Konyhaja; Soul & Mama; Torie Jayne; Twig and Thistle

Sweet pinks

It is hard to resist to all of these beauties... Yummmmmmmy.... 

and yet, for sure it is better to stay away and just enjoy the visual satisfaction. :)

P.S.: Carpe diem - pick ONE and enjoy! X :)

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Sweet pinks

It is hard to resist to all of these beauties... Yummmmmmmy.... 

and yet, for sure it is better to stay away and just enjoy the visual satisfaction. :)

P.S.: Carpe diem - pick ONE and enjoy! X :)


Images via: PickYin; Shabby Chic; Vintage Rose Garden; Favim; Hello Naomi; Pink Wallpapers; Ruche; WeHearIt; Pinterest; Flickr;


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The summer has really coming to its end... but we don't mourn about it. There are so many beautiful things in Autumn that we can be happy for! One of my favorite is the annual 'grape harvest'. This year we are doing it 'together with KlassDSign'. :)

It is always fun to participate a traditional grape harvest in a private vinery at the countryside. I have so many memories of it! My grandfather had two vineries in the Zala county in Hungary, so every year in early October all the family gathered together and helped him to pick all the yummy grapes and start the wine-making process. Of course each time the hard work finishes in a big festival-kind celebration with some fresh must and handpicked, oven-baked chesnuts. It is sooooooooo great!

Although my grandfather no longer with us, and those vineries are not ours anymore, we still have plenty of chances to experience the grape harvest feeling in every Autumn. My father has his own vinery now, so of course we are always welcome to help :) Although it is not the same anymore, the annual grape harvest brings me such beautiful memories. Plus it inspires me in so many ways - interior decoration, fashion, food, colors... :)

And there are so many delicious fruits waiting to be harvested during the Autumn - apple, plum, blueberry, blackberry, etc. Just look around, I'm sure you will find at least one harvesting festival somewhere near. 

P.S.: Don't forget to taste the sweet, fresh must! X


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Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting Blog, a must-shop resource for beautiful light fixtures. Her writing focuses on things she's passionate about: interior design, home furnishings, gardening, travel and art.

Hi, everyone! I'm Susi and I am thrilled to be writing an article with Pink Flower Love. This article is about “cupcakes and interiors.” Who doesn't love a cupcake? Not me! Looking at pictures of cupcakes for this article inspired me— I'm making a batch of yellow cupcakes with simple buttercream. I'd share them with you all if I could. Hope you find this article inspiring—go bake some cupcakes or add some vintage, feminine charm to your home. Enjoy!

Love this image of a vintage trailer parked at the beach. Just like the vintage charm of cupcakes, this picture, right down to the sweet little table lamp and wall scone in the corner, makes me yearn for summers gone by.

You can own this photo from Sixth and Main's Etsy shop full of lovely images like this. Not quite as yummy as the real thing but it will definitely last longer.

Like everything wonderful about a white cupcake with buttercream, this bedroom in Greece is light and airy. Add a reading lamp nearby -- perfect for a little late night reading before bed time.

Yum! I want to run my finger through that gorgeous buttercream. Love the silver cupcake cups against the pale colors of the frosting.

Metallic mochas and creamy plates with gold patinas create a delicious palette. Adore the rich neutrals and curvy feminine lines of the chair.

So beautiful. How incredible are these?! Too pretty to eat? Maybe...

Girly pinks and blues, florals and roses... remind me of English country cottages and cream tea. And chocolate with candlelight are perfect for this time of year.

And in honor of Pink Flower Love, pink lemonade cupcakes as a thank you for letting me write for your lovely blog. Thank you, Boglarka! 


P.S.: Content provided byArcadian Lighting, a site that specializes in top quality lighting fixtures at extremely affordable prices. Don't forget to visit their website today!


Images via: Etsy; Pinterest; Design for Mankind; Devian Art; A Lady's Findings;  


New York food

If you are hungry in New York, or you cannot find any good food... something is really wrong with you! I am sure that there is no such place where you can find so many GOOD food! ...Everywhere! :)

Here are (some of) our favorites: I know... these are not food, but...! Let's start with the drinks...

...and there are all those beautiful cupcakes :)

Ice-cream! ...of course from the street.

The never-enough coffee. In every possible form: hot, iced, blended, skinny, soya... 

Fresh fruits, that we couldn't resist :)

And something especially special for me:

Of course there were a lot of steak, burgers, sushi and guacuamole sauce as well. (I think I ate the best guacamole sauce of my life.) But we were too busy eating them, rather than making photos. :)

I know we couldn't try all what is there to enjoy, I missed out for example the famous crabcake... well, one more reason to back again! ;)

For my dear friend Veronica, who thinks life is just simply 'Perfect' as it is, and we should enjoy every small bite of it. 

I couldn't agree more! :)


Images: At First Blush, This is Glamorous, Katie Armour, Flickr
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Knit treasures

Although the cold winter nights are over - at least for a while - I still love these: