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Meet the Blogger in Stockholm

'Välkommen till Stockholm' ...at the Meet the Blogger weekend. I was lucky enought to be part of this amazing event last Saturday and Sunday. Since I've stayed for a couple of extra days to see a bit more of Stockholm and visit the Stockholm Design Week too, I am writing a short recap just now.

'Meet the Blogger is a truly unique, international blogger 2-day conference in Stockholm dedicated to home-, design- and lifestyle bloggers.

Meeting, networking, inspiring, and learning are the key ingredients.' And No, de definitely didn't forget to HAVE FUN there! :)

There were a lot of talented, creative, beautiful, stylish and most importantly blogging people from all over Europe. I've finally met with many of my loved and higly admired blogger icons during the weekend. Lotta Agaton, Emma Fexeus, Jeanette Lunde... just to name a few.

We had cool presentations about blogging, branding, success stories, magazine managing; workshops about photography, the possibilities of visual platforms or the importance of  'BlogStats' and building a strong 'blog brand'. Listening them, I've made tons of notes, I can tell you that. :) It was so inspiring and uplifting experience.

On the 2nd day of our Meet the Blogger event, we visited some of the many great design shops in Stockholm. I had my very first organized 'design walk' in a city. :) All are amazing with great vision and business concepts and nevertheless beautiful design pieces. Highly recommended to visit! Again, again and again... 

1. Bemz

2. Lotta Agaton Shop

3. Svenskt Tenn

4. Design Torget

P.S.: One of the best weekend *and couple of extra days, I've ever had. Do wish to come back for good as soon as possible! XX

Images via: Me :) and Bright Bazaar; Sister's Mag; Heart Home Mag; By Fryd


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