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Hues of blues

Probably you realized that I am a bit of a 'color freak' :) I have obsessions with colors all the time. In the last 6 months I was crazy for nudes, yellow, turquise, baby pink, coral ...and I think I just arrived to blues. *neons are blinking me from the corner already though :) 

These blues are just so timeless. No matter which year it is or which season, these blues are always beautiful and in style. The vintage blue is living its renaissance right now with all the vintage fever going on everywhere. But at the same time (maybe because of the Diamond Jubilee) the majestic royal blue is up and shining.

And of course we can't get enough of sky blue! Especially during the summer!

P.S.: Would love to go to a road trip with this blue cabriolet. Soooo stylish! XX


Images via:  A Perfect Gray; DIY Chic Home; Pretty Stuff; Tiny White Daisies; Zen Frog Yeah; Grafic Mag; Ideas Home Concept; Ingrid Henningsson; Traditional Home; 4 Inspired Design; All About You; Etsy; Rosa Rot; Simple Everyday Glamour
Tags: home decor