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Guest Post - Natural Beauty

This is a guest post by Caroline Boneham from Natural Beauty. Her blog is absolutely full of inspirations, energy and beautiful images from many areas of life. I particulary love the style of her mood boards, so I asked her to create one for me.

(To be honest I created one for her as well :) ... kind of like an 'inspiration exchange'. You can see it here: Natural Beauty - Pink Flower Love Guest Post)

Oh my goodness, summer in Chicago!  There are hardly words to describe it… We only really have two seasons here: “arctic” and “construction,” so we are beyond thrilled when summer finally arrives (so much so that we hardly notice all the construction). 

It is fantastic eating outside, especially at rooftop restaurants and bars where you can see the twinkling lights of the city - and maybe even the river or the lake - as the sun sets.  It’s always nice to spend a day at the beach or to take a trip to a smaller lake in a neighboring state like Wisconsin or Michigan, and my photoboard above illustrates the dominant colors and textures of summer in the Midwest. 

But my favorite thing to do in the summer is to bring a picnic to an outdoor concert venue called Ravinia and lay out on the grass with friends drinking wine, eating and listening to live music.  It’s pretty magical.  Summer is also a beautiful time for romance here, so I’m hoping to go on at least one really good date.  (Hey, a girl can dream.) 

Wishing you all a lovely summer! C


Images via: Alicia Bock; Anthropologie; Pinterest


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