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Bits of life

I decided to share a bit of my life here in this blog. It is quite a new experience for me, since I don't really like to be in the center of attention and in the photos. But probably that's the point of it now - to challenge myself and extend my comfort zone a bit.

So, this is the 1st edition of me and my favorite people, things, pictures. Hope you like them too! X

A cool shot in the streets of Budapest at night in the rain

My favorite Beagle

I wear these now all the time. ALL THE TIME.

Favorite Italian restaurant. Not just the food, even the ceiling is amazing!

Favorite 'design-girlfriends' :) + Kata who is missing from this picture

The haircut I'm dying to have

A great design market I went last Saturday

This is what I found there

...and this 'braideer' too.

Giant fairytale birdcage in front of my favorite florist

An old-school, red Alfa Romeo Spider - Who wouldn't fall in love with her?


P.S.: You probably realized that I'm crazy obsessed with all the iPhone photography apps and collage editors. Will post some 'regular' pictures I promise next time. :) XX

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