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Would you...?

Tags: love; words

I designed this chair, let me know what you think! 

There's also a video here of it: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdssj4e98KY


P.S.: Hope you like it though...  :)

Monochromatic - Coral

The 2nd post in the 'Monochromatic' series has finally arrived. And it's called: Coral. :) Although you can see some touch of colors here and there - I tried to show how beautiful can be a monochromatic scheme. 

Why coral? Well, I am kindda got hanged onto it for quite some time now... and today I learnt that it means something! Actually, it means a LOT! What does exactly, hmm... I think I have to listen to my heart to understand it!

P.S.: Rely on your intuition and if you feel like wearing coral... go for it! You don't get that feeling by coincidence. X


Images via: Kika Reichert; Kitschy Living; Design Sponge; Gilt; Green Wedding Shoes; Plum Pretty Sugar; Anthropologie; Yarn at Websters; The simply Luxurious Life; Etsy; Pinterest;


Wedding Obsession

We are working on a wedding styling and what can I say... I am obsessed with these things... There are so many incredible stuff: themes, decoration, dresses, colors, food, flowers, ruffles, laces... ...and lots of looooooooove :)

P.S.: Go! Get married! Immediately! :) And send me some pictures! X


Images via: Blushing Bride Wedding; Green Wedding Shoes; Wild Flower Photos; Midnights Happiness; Callahan Photo;  
Tags: love; words

Sure! ...at least for me it is. :) It's a new year, but my love for pink is still on. Probably for eternity.

A pink knitted suit for your camera? Anybody? I know, I want one!

Or this beautiful pink flower (love) tattoo? I want that too!

And the pink stairs? ...unfortunately I don't have stairs :(

And pink phone? Or pink books? And the pink ranunculus bouque?

All. I want it ALL! :) 


It's so great to start the year with all these beauties! And the fact that we are surrounding with all of these, we just have to find the moments to notice them.

P.S.: And my first new year small advise for you is: 'Don't forget to smile' ...even if you have nothing to smile about... Just smile! :)


Images via: A Gift Wrapped Life; Apartment Therapy; Art Gallery Fabrics; Beauty is Taste; Brabourne Farm; Fashion Gone Rouge; Momma T's Place Teresa; My Revelment; My World is Pink; Poppy Darling; Ruche; Snippet and Ink; Stitches on 8th; The Berry; WeHeartIt; Piccsy