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My  'It-list' for the weekend:


There is a huge trend now that lamps, chandeliers, pendants are made of nothing else, but the naked bulbs. 

You can call it puritan, used garbage, or just simply ugly... I think these are amazing!

Sooooo pink...

...through pink glasses... everything is beautiful! :)

Her day

Happy birthday to my beautiful Sister!

'If you fill your heart with regrets of yesterday and the worries of tomorrow, you have no today to be thankful for.


So, just enjoy the moment, this is your day... so be happy and smile!



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You decide

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Weekly fave's

I am a huge fan of online shopping, so of course I made some cool purcases this week also.

1. Scotch and Soda leather jacket

2. Marimekko for Converse shoes :) I was searching for this pair since February. Although Marimekko is a Finnish brand, it is not easy to buy something that is available mostly, only in the US :( ...if you are not based in the US

3. Vintage armchairs* #1-2

4. Vintage armchairs* #3-4

*wait until these re-born in their new life!

I wish you all Happy Easter with these not-so-Eastery, but definitely beautiful pictures! :)


...I'll marry you!

...just to wear this Christian Dior dress! :)

Although the it has finished last week, I am still in the 'Salone mood':) ... feel inspired, filled up, energized and alive. If I could share this feeling with everybody... 

Here are some beautiful inspiring carpets from the Salone 2011.

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Music for the week


'It seems that happiness is within reach,

So we reach out our hand and find ourselves crazy...'



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