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Pink Flower Love

Words of wool

This is a tutorial how to make some cute words that could decorate your room, table, wall, neck :) It is very easy, so don't hesitate to try it at home!


What you need:

wire, wool thread (any color), pincers and some glue

How to make it:

1. bend the wire with the pincers as long as you get the desired word

2. fix the wool thread to the end of the wire

3. twist the wool thread all over the wire to cover completely

4. at the end make a loop and tie a knot from the wool thread, or just simply fix it with some glue.

P.S.: Could be made like this the perfect nametag on the front door of your baby! X


Monday Faves

This Monday I'm in love with these... especially with the drawer buttons. :)


Images via: Monsoon; Topshop; Anthropologie; Urban Outfitters


I couldn't resist to share it with you these amazing Monique Lhuillier dresses. And the colors!!!!!! There are no words! :)

P.S.: Definitely worth to check out her full collection! X


Images via: Monique Lhuillier
Tags: fashion

Black & White Picknic


'Give me your eyes for just one second

give me your eyes so I can see

Everything that I keep missing

give me your love for humanity...'


Images by Cs. Polgar and Zs. Sverteczki

This week my post together with KlassDSign is very much 'interior-based'. I didn't add anything from fashion or other areas. I focus only on the beauty and mystic of the attics. They are so magical to me, it's like I am in a home of a fairy or an angel...

This is my all-time-top-favorite attic in the world :)

...and the beautiful wonders of Mr Wanders... (Lute Suites in Amsterdam) ...my personal favorite is Suite #5 (the 1st picture) :)

The attics can be industrial or feminine and romantic, or in most cases practical and space-saving. Since in an attic the height of the room is less then normally and because of the diagonal lines (logs, ceiling) the whole space has a special look and atmosphere.

Even if we think that in the attic the only possible room can be is bedroom. It is possible to build rooms for functions like bathroom, office, living room... but I think the best is if you make in your attic the world of your children. They would enjoy it the most! :) Until then, just keep it to yourself!

I envy all those guys in Scandinavia for all the space and summer-light they have. In one of these rooms would fit my whole apartment. :)

P.S.: I would die for any of these to be honest! :)


Images via: Lute Suite by Marcel Wanders; Kevin Trout; Daily Dream Decor; From Scandinavia with Love; Daisy Pink Cupcake; Nestify Online; Simply Grove; Pinterest; Google;