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Pink Flower Love

Quote for the week

'Keep your head upLegs closed,Eyes open'

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The summer has really coming to its end... but we don't mourn about it. There are so many beautiful things in Autumn that we can be happy for! One of my favorite is the annual 'grape harvest'. This year we are doing it 'together with KlassDSign'. :)

It is always fun to participate a traditional grape harvest in a private vinery at the countryside. I have so many memories of it! My grandfather had two vineries in the Zala county in Hungary, so every year in early October all the family gathered together and helped him to pick all the yummy grapes and start the wine-making process. Of course each time the hard work finishes in a big festival-kind celebration with some fresh must and handpicked, oven-baked chesnuts. It is sooooooooo great!

Although my grandfather no longer with us, and those vineries are not ours anymore, we still have plenty of chances to experience the grape harvest feeling in every Autumn. My father has his own vinery now, so of course we are always welcome to help :) Although it is not the same anymore, the annual grape harvest brings me such beautiful memories. Plus it inspires me in so many ways - interior decoration, fashion, food, colors... :)

And there are so many delicious fruits waiting to be harvested during the Autumn - apple, plum, blueberry, blackberry, etc. Just look around, I'm sure you will find at least one harvesting festival somewhere near. 

P.S.: Don't forget to taste the sweet, fresh must! X


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Vintage baby carriage

It's not that I am thinking of having babies or anything... I just love everything that is vintage and old and has a story to tell. These baby prams have definitely something to share. (ok, I know that some of them is made nowadays and brand new, but the style of them still takes us back in time.)

Although I would love to have any of these baby prams for my (future) baby, I have to admit it is probably not the most comfortable transportation in our cities now. I think I would need a medium-size truck to bring the pram with me to go to the city for a stroll. :) 

Anyway... I've still not given up the idea of having one of these eventualy - when I'll have the need. I don't care if it's impossible to manage with it. :) They are just way to beautiful and magical! ...and if not for my baby, at least to my home as a decoration. 

P.S.: Don't forget to dress up a bit of vintage while you are storlling with your vintage baby pram. :) X


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Although it is not yet finished, I couldn't wait... I have to show this gorgeous, beautiful, unbelievable apartment. The home of the fashion designer Jekatyerina, born in the coldest Syberia, from a Russian mother and a Hungarian father.

She sees, she dreams, she creates, and never give up, never settle for less, (almost) never accept any compromise. :) Her home was designed and made slowly by slowly, step by step with passion, love and admiration. I hope she never give up on finishing this dream... so it can come true! 

The kitchen

The 'small' things

*Russian silverware; red KitchenAid turmix; white Gorenje stove; 'I Love NY' fridge magnet; Cherry Blossom, Chinese thermos

The bathroom... or more like a cynderella story :)

*the white head decoration was brought from Dubai... and yes, it broke during the journey back home. But who cares... it is even better like this! :)

The black bedroom 

*on the left: Diesel lamp for Foscarini

The terrace that has the same size as the whole apartment

*with a beautiful view over Budapest

Wallpaper that is waiting to be put to it's final place

P.S.: To be continued... X


...more than you would think. :) This time it is Friday, when we do our weekly post 'Together with KlassDSign'. And it is all about 'Paper'!

In today's digital world, we think that we do not use paper at all anymore. But it is (unfortunately) suprizing how much paper is being used or wasted in a day. Think of the napkins, the toilet paper, the receipts, the packaging of ...basically everything, the advertising brochures, the newspapers, our notes... And these are only papers we use and then throw away.

What about our environment? Our homes? Thinking of wallpapers, lamps, shelves, tables or any kind of decorations. Paper is a cheap and great material for any of these. You can be extremely creative and innovative. There are so much possibility in paper usage.

The latest great product that I love is by the super-talented, Dutch (what else :) ?) design group - Vij5 Design. (in the picture above - lower left) The found the way of compressing newspapers and cut in a way it creates a very hard and strong material... almost like wood. Fantastic! :)

We know him, we love him... it is never get old... his designs will live forever! Tord Boontije <3 X

P.S.: Look around and do something with all that paper you find! Be creative and have fun! XX


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