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Pink Flower Love

Sweet pinks

It is hard to resist to all of these beauties... Yummmmmmmy.... 

and yet, for sure it is better to stay away and just enjoy the visual satisfaction. :)

P.S.: Carpe diem - pick ONE and enjoy! X :)


Images via: PickYin; Shabby Chic; Vintage Rose Garden; Favim; Hello Naomi; Pink Wallpapers; Ruche; WeHearIt; Pinterest; Flickr;


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I'm so crazy for these colors now, ...would love to paint everything like it. They are so soft, pastel, feminine, relaxing and comforting. I just love them! Hope you find them inspiring too!


P.S. If they are too pastel for you, choose one or two of them and mix with some darker or bolder colors, such as yellow, chocolate or anthracite! It will worth to try! X


Images via: Ariad Neat Home; Simply Pix;

Indie decor

Be Creative and try to do this cute Indie feather decoration at home! It is great to add to a flower bouquet or just alone in any vase.

What you need:

wire, paper, some left-over fabrics, scissors and glue.

Step 1:

Cut out from each fabric two similar pieces. Glue each of them to a piece of paper. Then glue these together again, but put the wire between the pairs.

Step 2:

Wait for a while to dry and set the glue and then shape them as you wish with the scissors. Try to obtain a feather-like shape.

Final step:

Find the perfect setting for them and enjoy! :) XX 

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Circus with KlassDSign

This week - together with KlassDSign - we can be children again and travel back time to remember all the beauty of the circus.

Circus - when I was a little, every time a circus arrived to our small town, I was dying to go and see all the attractions. Many times I was a bit disappointed though... maybe because I was waiting for more or I was just sad that it lasted only for a day, I don't know...

Yet, the truth is that even now I am fascinated by the circus. Everything around it, espesially the animals, the artiste, the magic and all its glory. And it is great - and not at all difficult - to decorate the circus theme in your home or your outfit. Use a lot of stripes, stars, balloons, pom-poms, draperies, a lot of red, yellow and blue colors. It is fun and definitely not only for children! :)

P.S.: A movie recommendation: Water for Elephants with Mr. Pattinson :) X


Images via: Design Love Fest; Catch My Party; Kara May; Green Wedding Shoes; Tom Kat Studio; Vintage Gal; 79 Ideas; House Beautiful; Ka Boodle; Heidi Ann; Style Me Pretty; Etsy; We Heart It; Steam Punk Revue; Unique Bedroom