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Pink Flower Love

Striking Light

...soooo.... magical.... :)


Images via: Dezeen; Drop Anchors; Soul Pancakes; The Cool Hunter; Tyler Branch Photo; The Red House; Flickr;  

Although it is getting colder and colder, our mind can still fly and wonder about magical places, and fairytales. Walking in the woods, laying in the sun, looking up to the sky, watching butterflies.

What if we live on a tree? In a treehouse that is something like an imaginary castle where anything is possible? 

P.S.: Definitely the most romantic way of living. :)


Images via: Jenny Steffen's Blog; Oh Hello Friend; Design Tripper; Sweet Homes; Img Fave; Tiaragwin; We Heart It; Etsy; Cira Car



I am obsessed with these beauties right now... so, I've already put all of them onto my wish list.... the problem is, I'm affraid they will stay there and not in my closet. 

...well, you'll never know... :)


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Autumn moodboard

Sweet pinks

It is hard to resist to all of these beauties... Yummmmmmmy.... 

and yet, for sure it is better to stay away and just enjoy the visual satisfaction. :)

P.S.: Carpe diem - pick ONE and enjoy! X :)

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