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Pink Flower Love

1st Sunday Candle

Since Christmas is coming... :) (I know it's a cliche, but it's true) ...I decided that I'll create some Xmas posts from now on. Here is the first one... 

This Sunday is the 1st day of the four Advent Sundays. I found these unusual ways of candle placement. I hope you'll be inspired too. And none of these will cost you a fortune, better yet you can do it yourself at home. :)

P.S.: You can't make mistakes, since these even work if you don't have matching glasses to hold the candles. X


Images via: Kjerstis Lykke; Wunderschoen Gemacht; Jul I Bestefars Verksted; La Maison d'Anna G; Emma's Blog; Johanna Vintage; Fru Fjeld Hammers Kaos; Urban Eve; Ylva Skarp

Beautiful porcelain cups, plates, jugs with colorful flowers, polka dots, lace decorations arrived to our shop. They are really AMAZING! There are some textile placemats and tablecloths as well to match with your plate and cup of coffee. :)  Come and pick one for yourself! 

And since Christmas is approaching us, and it is already freezing outside, I give you these photos to make you warm and feel happy for the beautiful winter. There are the warm coffees, hot wines, gingerbread cookies, warm blankets, fireplaces and many other things that we can have only winter! :) 

P.S.: Use the alarm clock only for decoration and go back to sleep! X


Images via: Jordbarpiken; Wunderweib; Pinterest; Green Gate;

Heavenly lace

I know, I know... again with the lace... Sorry, I can't help it! I love it! Everything that is lace, from lace, with lace, looks like lace, feels like lace... If you look at these pictures, I'm sure that you can't pass them without a heartbeat! ;) After all we are all woman, no?! 

Anyway, I hope you like them as much as I like them!

P.S.: Try not to think of only wanting to get married immediately! XX


Images via: Anca Gray; Junk Culture; Intimate Weddings; Pinterest; Shabby Chic; Anthropologie; Dear Daisy Cottage; Dos Family; Plus Hold; Etsy; Martha Stewart; Style Me Pretty; Umla; We Heart It

A prompt performance by the talented Stacy DuPree and the 'oh-so-handsome' (and no less talented :) ) Mr. Jeremy Larson.




P.S.: Check out the music of the band Eisley (where Stacy is the singer) as well. And definitely get the albums of Jeremy! You'll not regret it, I promise! X

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The blind beauty...

'The blind beauty, the lonely fragrance, the twisted art, the seduction without shame, that we adore and call a flower."

/Donald Culross Peattie/


Image via: Floret Flowers
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