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Pink Flower Love

A Fine Frenzy

Another great - beautiful musician for this week (and for after) :)


A Fine Frenzy - Wish You Well


Xmas Lights

Twinkle twinkle little star...

Everything, everywhere looks so pretty and 'Xmas-y' :) The ligths, the streets, the houses, the windows, even the kisses :) XX

P.S.: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjbRvm3svPc&feature=related


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It's time to send those Christmas cards, so they can arrive in time! Look at these ones. They are so amazing and romantic and unique cards. These old, vintage cards deliver something really special to those who receive them. Much nicer than the new, manga-kind or other cyber inpired modern ones. At least this is what I think. :)

And if you don't find such beautiful vintage cards, you can create yourself unique and one-of-a-kind cards to your loved ones. You'll need left a basic paper (natural) and a lot of small stuff that you never know what to do with. For example: buttons, straps, left-over fabric pieces, colorful papers, laces, bows, ...anything, whatever you can fix to a paper card. :) 

This is definitely my favorite. I would send something like this. But probably, would add a little cotton lace. :) 

P.S.: The best part is that you can create so cute decorations to your house from all the cards that you got! Never put them in the drawer! XX


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Mist(y)erious Fogg

Although today was sunny, we had some serious foggy days behind us. But who says the fogg cannot be beautiful? Take a look at these and you'll think differently, I'm certain! 

So, next time when you are complaining about the fogg, just try to see the beauty in it! It is always there! Give yourself a minute to observe and let it all in, and somewhere in the deep foggy air, you'll realize some pink flowers... or love :)

P.S.: Even guys look better in the fogg!! :) 


Images via: Bohemian Worthness; Chantic Leer Garden; Gryffindors; Nez Art Design; Our Blog of Love; Photo Donuts; Pinterest; We Heart It; Wild Flowers Photos


Is this for me?

...probaly not... :) ...but somebody has his birthday today... I guess then it's for him. X

mmm... and there's chocolate too. yummyy...

...and something else...



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