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Pink Flower Love

Xmas Wrapping

Every year it is the same: 10 minutes before exchanging gifts, I am running around in the house, trying to fix all the Xmas presents' wrapping, along with some serious panic attack. I never have enough wrapping paper, or ribbon, or I just simply hate the final result. ...but since there is no time to change it, or get nicer paper... it stays as it is. :(

But not this year! I was clever enough to search and get some inspirations, so I am able to create a 'one-and-only' gift wrapping to everybody.

I'm not quite decided how I'll do them, but for sure it will be PINK, I will add some FLOWERS... and of course filled with A LOOOOOOOT OF LOVE! :)

Ahhhh, and I'll add lace as well! ...and pom-poms!!! Definitely! :)

The one with the newspaper, the paper-lace and the wooden pin is my favorite! Just Perfect! 

P.S: Believe me, it is better not to leave the gift wrapping for the very last minute! Try to really give youself into it! :)


Images via: Allt i Hemmet; Carolyn's Homework; MayaLee Photography; Decor8; Luxe Finds; Nicole Heady; Oh Hello Friend; Older And Wisor; The Crafting Chicks; Whimsy Decor; Pinterest; Flickr; We Heart It


Stylewalker Night

There'll be Stylewalker Night on Friday, 16 December 2011, and we are preparing a program together with the cute pub CsendesTárs:


Hot wine to the mugs, and mug for hot wine - Buy a cup of hot wine at CsendesTárs and you can get the price back if you buy a beautiful mug at BoglarkaVera... Or... To each mug that you buy at BoglarkaVera, will get one cup of hot wine for free! 


Hohohohoooooo, it is really starting to feel like Xmas! :)




A pénteki (2011.Dec.16-i) Stylewalker Night-ra közös programmal készülünk a Csendes Társ-sal: 

Bögrébe forralt bort, forralt borért bögrét - Forralt borozz a Csendes Társban, és cserébe vásárolj olcsóbban bögrét a BoglarkaVera Design Studioban vagy vásárolj bögrét nálunk és töltesd tele forralt borral a Csendes Társban. 

Jupppppiiiiiiii! ...ez már tényleg karácsonyi hangulat! :)

És ne felejtsétek el, hogy éjfélig nyitva vagyunk a Stylewalker Night ideje alatt (pénteken)!



P.S.: And don't forget! We are open until midnight during Stylewalker Night (Friday)!!!


Image via: Blushing Apples

Xmas Decor

If for some reason - you didn't have time to decorate the house Christmas-y, now it is definitely the time to do it! We give you some wonderful ideas how. With some pine branches and pineal, a ribbon + your creativity :)

Don't forget to dress up your bed with Xmas linens and pillows... you'll dream about 'frosty the snowman' and 'silent night' for sure :)

Use pink, pink and bit more of PINK!!!! ...oh, don't forget pink!

And finally my absolute favorites are the stockings... It is so great to wake up in the morning and curiously check out what is inside of our. ...you never know. :)

P.S.: To be honest I am not done with the decoration yet, but after all this, for sure I will do it tonight! X


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Xmas Tree

8th December. This is the day when the Italians decorate their Christmas tree. And by that the holiday season is officialy begins. It was strange for me at first, since I got used to decorate the tree on the afternoon of 24th (Christmas Eve). But last year I kinda got the idea, why it is great to have your tree already on the day of St Johanna. You have plenty of time to get into the holiday mood and prepare yourself for the wonderful Xmas time! :)

So, I decided to give you already now some ideas for Chrimas tree, if you do not want to go this year with the 'ordinary', but rather have something unique and one-of-a-kind in your home!

You can go from the traditional to the very edge of absurd and eclectic, believe me, concerning Christmas trees we like everything! Use anything you find, just organize them in the shape of a pine tree and put some decoration to it. And the best part is, that even the decoration can be anything you want!

It is enough if you have only a metal wire at your hand. :)

I loooooooove these.... soooo cute! And definitely one-of-a-kind!

Or you can just draw a tree onto the wall and fix some ornaments to it with some pin. It is a super-cheap and unique way of having a tree!

P.S.: Don't forget - decorating the Xmas tree supposed to be a happy thing! Try not to stress about it and enjoy every moment of it! XX


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Gingerbreads for Xmas

Another great thing about Christmas is that we can eat sooooo goooood things. :) Well, I know, It is better not to, but still. Who can resist to the delicious gingerbread cookies? Especially if they look like these...

Cute personal gingerbread houses to go with each and every cup of coffee :) 

And our most favorites... these lovely birdhouses with flowers, polka-dots, ribbons, lace decorations. Amazing! :)


P.S.: DO try these at home! The rule is that there are no rules to make gingerbread cookies. Use your imagination and put your heart into it! You can never go wrong with those... XX


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